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Local Woman Triumphs Over COVID-19

Local Woman Triumphs Over COVID-19

After experiencing symptoms, Joan Johnson of Windom, MN, visited the Windom Area Health Emergency Department and received a diagnosis of COVID-19 and pneumonia.  “I just thought, ‘Wow.’  I was just so glad to be in the hospital and getting the help I needed.” The First Signs When she started experiencing some trouble breathing, Joan (known …

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Overcoming Years of Pain

Overcoming Years of Pain

With a meniscus injury Memorial Day Weekend back in 2018 and living with worsening arthritis pain, Marlys Christensen of Windom, MN had two options—continue to live in pain, giving up walking and golfing or get a knee replacement. Marlys was ready for relief and longing to get back to her active life. Finding Help Close …

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Tale Of Two Moms Emily

Tale of Two Moms – Emily

When Emily Prokosch tells the birth stories of her three girls, they couldn’t be more different from one another. “When I had my first baby (Madison, now 9) I went in with a mindset that a million women have babies naturally and I can too, but after the hard labor and contractions I had a …

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Tale Of Two Moms Amy

Tale of Two Moms – Amy

In the words of Amy Sokolofsky, having her first baby was “an amazing experience”. Jayce, who was born in September 2013, is a blessing to her and father Jeff Liepold. Amy and Jeff both took advantage of the free prenatal education classes offered at the Windom Area Hospital. “The classes were very helpful, especially for …

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First Total Knee Replacement

First Total Knee Replacement

There is no denying that Erwin Freemire is passionate about being active and enjoying the outdoors. From Heron Lake, Erwin is a retired farmer from previously raising beef, pork and grain. Erwin looks forward to each day and living an active life. Whether swimming in the pool, biking or walking Erwin is an advocate for …

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First Total Hip Replacement

First Total Hip Replacement

No longer hindered by a block of wood used to assist him into his International 5250 tractor, eighty-year-old Donald Elg of Comfrey is now pain-free and enjoying the farming life again. On June 20, 2017, Donald Elg made history by becoming Windom Area Hospital’s first total joint hip replacement recipient. When asked today, Donald states …

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A Change Of Lifestyle

A Change of Lifestyle

Q +A with Ali Dahna Ali Dahna was the runner-up winner of our Weight Loss Challenge in 2019, now known as the Healthy Living Challenge. We sat down with Ali to learn more about how the challenge helped her transform her lifestyle. She shares her tips and tricks to staying on track with a healthy …

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Efficient ER Credited for Life Saving Surgery

Efficient ER Credited for Life Saving Surgery

A normal day It was a normal September afternoon for Barb LaCanne, who was going about her day and heading to a birthday party for her granddaughter. At about 6:00 p.m., Barb started to experience abdominal pain. Eating birthday cake was out of the question so she and her husband, Joe, started home. On the …

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An All Around Great Experience

An All-Around Great Experience

As Holly Rohlik sits comfortably in a clinic exam room holding her new baby, Cooper, you would never guess she was talking about her 26 hours of labor that ended in a caesarian section. “We had the best experience; it was laid back and relaxed. Between our doctor (Dr. Stephanie Buhler) and the nurses we …

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Exercise Testimonial

Nature and Exercise Aid Recovery for Windom Woman

Positive. Proud. Healthy. Those three words describe Denise LaValle in a nutshell, but don’t do justice to the amount of self-determination and hard work Denise has went through to get where she’s at today. 3 years ago, Denise moved to Windom after living in her car in St. Paul, while regularly using drugs. Denise recalls, …

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A Phenomenal Experience

A Phenomenal Experience

Phenomenal Family of Five We all know moms that make it look easy, but seeing Crystal Fast juggle her new baby girl, two busy boys, a full time teaching job, coaching varsity volleyball and supporting a family farm, brings adoration and respect for motherhood to a whole new level.  With a busy life, it means …

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Windom Area Health Decon Team

Windom Area Health Activates Decon Team to Save POET Shift Supervisor

It was another cold day in March at POET Biorefining in Bingham Lake, where Jason Price works as a Shift Supervisor. He was working on the Waste CIP (Cleaning-in-Place) for a corn oil system, when an air regulator piece for an air pump ruptured. The normal temperature for the air regulator is about 200 degrees, …

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Total Contact Cast (TCC) Creates Life Changing Results

Total Contact Cast (TCC) Creates Life Changing Results

Chronic wounds are a silent epidemic in the United States, leaving nearly 6.7 million people suffering from painful non-healing sores. Non-healing wounds drastically affect people by diminishing their overall quality of life and potentially decreasing life expectancy if left untreated. An aging population and increasing rates of diseases and conditions such as diabetes, obesity, and …

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Man Walking on Treadmill Achieving Goals

Achieving Goals and Reaching a New Weight

The 2019 Community Weight Loss Challenge was a huge success mentally and physically for one Windom man this year. Al Baloun was our winner, losing a total of 60 pounds! This was a 12-week challenge, beginning on January 14 and ending on April 8. Participants had full use of our Wellness Center, received confidential weigh-ins …

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Sensory Swing in Rehabilitation Program Room

New Rehabilitation Program Improves One Family’s Lifestyle

Two years ago, Ashley Johnson, mother of four, noticed her two younger boys having to touch everything in their sight, along with having trouble sleeping at night. Something was not right and Ashley knew her two boys needed to seek care. The family sought care through a child psychiatrist in Worthington, Nicole Christenson, MD. The …

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