Q +A with Ali Dahna

Ali Dahna was the runner-up winner of our Weight Loss Challenge in 2019, now known as the Healthy Living Challenge. We sat down with Ali to learn more about how the challenge helped her transform her lifestyle. She shares her tips and tricks to staying on track with a healthy lifestyle.

1. When did you begin your weight loss journey?

I’ve participated in the Weight Loss Challenge the past several years. However, during this past year’s Challenge which started in January, I decided I truly needed to make a lifestyle change.

2. What brought you to Windom Area Health’s Wellness Center?

Exercise has always been important to me. When we moved to Windom, I heard about the fitness classes here. I joined the Wellness Center not knowing anyone, but 9+ years later, I’m still working out with many of these gals who are now friends.

3. What is your favorite aspect of the Wellness Center?

The options for fitness. On a snowy Saturday morning, I like to come in and pedal 15 miles on the stationary bike.  After a stressful day, I love a gentle yoga class with friends.  This summer, my family enjoyed challenging each other in the Lazy Man Triathlon.

4. What has helped you most with your weight loss and maintenance?

Changing my diet by eating whole foods (especially increasing fruits and vegetables) and cutting portions helped me drop weight. Daily exercise allows me to maintain and I definitely don’t deprive myself – if I have a treat or a glass of wine, I just know my next workout will be a little harder and longer.

5. What advice would you give others looking to start their journey toward developing healthier habits?

Small, positive adjustments in regards to eating, exercise, sleep, and stress management can change the way you feel significantly!

Inspired by Ali’s story? The Wellness Center is offering the Weight Loss Challenge again this year, just with a new name: Healthy Living Challenge! To sign up call 507-831-0672.

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