First Robotic-Assisted Surgery A Great Experience

First Robotic-Assisted Surgery a Great Experience
Pictured: (From Left) Hannah and Dr. Hinshaw in front of the da Vinci Xi surgical system.

Hannah Goff of Comfrey, MN had been looking for a local OB/GYN for a procedure she was interested in having done and found Windom Area Health to be highly recommended. She ended up being the very first patient at the hospital to have a robotic-assisted surgery by Dr. James Hinshaw.

Finding the Right Care

Hannah, her husband, and two boys recently moved from the Twin Cities to Comfrey, MN. She and her husband had discussed for some time her receiving a bilateral tubal ligation procedure. Once they were settled after the move, they had several options to complete the procedure. However, after visiting with others in the surrounding communities, she received an overwhelming response on the high quality of care provided at Windom Area Health (WAH).

Exciting Opportunity

WAH is in a growing period, adding physicians, expanding services, and moving forward with construction of the new medical building. One of those additions was Dr. James Hinshaw, OB/GYN, bringing over 30 years of experience and the expertise with robotic-assisted surgery. With his arrival, WAH was excited to add a da Vinci Xi surgical robot as a state-of-the-art tool this past summer.

Hannah and Family Vacation
Pictured: Hannah (right) on a family trip with her husband, Dustin, (left) and their two sons, Leon (back) and Ben (front).

When visiting with Hannah further on what factors helped make her decision to have the procedure completed at WAH, she shared that it was close, in their insurance network, and the positive feedback she received about the services and the medical providers. Hannah expressed that while there are many great healthcare facilities in the area, the main difference with WAH was the experience. She noted that it wasn’t only the nurses or the physicians that were kind and caring. ”From the very moment I stepped into the hospital that morning, everyone made me feel very comfortable and they each took a personal investment in my health, from those working in an office, to the nurses, all the way to the physician,” she shared, “So many times you visit with a physician, it can be challenging to fully understand what they are saying. Dr. Hinshaw really helped explain the procedure by using terms that were easy to follow, which truly helped me understand and be fully comfortable with the process.”

Hannah’s procedure was the very first performed at WAH and she found the experience exciting. Hannah was very impressed with all the medical professionals in the operating room, from nurses to an assisting physician. “It was very cool to be part of a learning procedure,” Hannah said.

Support Through the Journey

As for Hannah’s recovery post-surgery, she stated, “The recovery process has been fantastic and the scars have almost healed up.” She expressed how impressed she was that Dr. Hinshaw personally called following the procedure and then again a couple days later. “He truly cares for his patients,” said Hannah.

Hannah with Staff 2023
Pictured: Hannah with some of the Specialty Clinics staff who worked with her. From left, Brittany Schichtl, Surgery Supervisor, Hannah with Leon and Ben, Kelsey Andrews, Clinical Nurse Coordinator, and Kai Vongsy, Patient Access Representative.

Comfortable and Caring Experience

Defining the difference between WAH and other healthcare facilities she had received services from, Hannah was very adamant, “They are very caring, accepting, personable, and are now like family.” When asked about any last thoughts to share about her experience that may help others in choosing a healthcare organization,
she said, “I am very pleased and will recommend WAH to others.”

WAH takes incredible pride in providing exceptional services to our patients. We do not believe in being just another healthcare facility, but rather “the healthcare facility of choice.” At WAH, it is about providing each patient with the experience of better health and true connections.

Hannah supported that by simply saying, “I love you guys!”

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