My Hospital Stay

Upon Your Arrival

When you are admitted, a registration representative or a member of the nursing staff will ask you to complete and sign several forms.  An identification bracelet will be placed on your wrist for identification purposes.

Communication With Your Team

We encourage patients to be involved in their care. Our nursing staff practices transitions at bedside, meaning we have a shift change, the nurses will communicate about your care in front of you, right in the room for both you and your family members to be included in.

White BoardsWhiteboards - Patient Care

Each room has a dry erase board that will list key care items about you, your medications, and your plan of care. Keeping you and your family informed during your care is a priority for Windom Area Health. You can also use this board to write down questions for the doctor or nurse.

Include Always

Windom Area Health was a pilot hospital for the Minnesota Hospital Association’s program called Include Always. Our program includes a committee of 5 community members that have been patients or family member of patients that is called the Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC). The PFAC helps the hospital make decisions about policies, procedures, patient flow, décor, and other items from the perspective of a patient/family member. Click below for more information.


Our social worker is available to help you plan for your discharge and follow-up care and to coordinate community resources to meet your needs.

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