Take charge of your ostomy. Reduce complications. Improve your life. 

We know that living with an ostomy requires certain life adjustments. Whether you’re preparing for ostomy surgery, transitioning to home with a new stoma, or have had your ostomy for years, you don’t have to do it alone! The ostomy clinic at Windom Area Health offers counseling and marking before surgery, teaching and support after surgery, and assistance with pouch fitting and trouble-shooting for established patients. We’re also happy to help you order supplies or try new products.



Clinic Hours

We offer ostomy clinic every Monday at Windom Area Health from 8:00 am-12:00 pm. Appointments are 45 minutes in length to allow us to adequately address your needs.


Most insurance companies, including Medicare, pay for ostomy care visits without prior authorization. You are not required to obtain a referral from another medical provider.


There is a vast array of ostomy supplies available. We can identify what products would be helpful for you, and assist in the ordering process both through local suppliers and national supply companies.

Your Care

We provide individual sessions to meet your specific needs and concerns. You will meet with the nursing staff first to review your history, and then with the ostomy nurse. Some common reasons for an ostomy visit include:

  • Teaching and counseling prior to surgery
  • Identifying the best site for your stoma prior to surgery
  • Teaching after surgery
  • Help with ordering supplies
  • Assessment of skin around the stoma
  • Troubleshooting leak issues
  • Care of hernias around the ostomy

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