Swing Bed Services

Short-term, skilled health care services

Windom Area Health Swing Bed Services program is designed to provide short-term, skilled health care services to patients at Windom Area Health. The goal of the Swing Bed program is to assist patients in attaining optimum physical health in order to return to their prior level of functioning and independence.

The Swing Bed program is available to Medicare patients who require skilled care services when an acute care hospitalization is no longer necessary and the needed services cannot easily be provided in the patient’s home.

Swing Bed is available to patients who have been hospitalized at Windom Area Health, or, at other facilities outside the Windom area.

Swing Bed is ideal for patients who require physical therapy, IV medication therapy, medication management, occupational therapy, speech therapy, or wound management services.

Swing Bed Services - Patient Guidelines

Patients must meet Medicare guidelines to be eligible for the Swing Bed program. These guidelines include:

  • Participation in Medicare Part A or an alternate insurance with skilled care benefits
  • A daily skilled care need which is directly related to the acute care hospitalization
  • A medically necessary acute hospitalization of at least 3 days immediately prior to Swing Bed admission
  • Stable medical status
  • Physician authorization
  • Eligibility is determined by Windom Area Health staff

For further information on the Windom Area Health Swing Bed program, contact the Social Services Department at 507-831-2400 ext. 0687 or 507-427-2700 in the Mt. Lake area.

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