Couple Conquers Weight Loss Challenge

For one couple, the 2023 Weight Loss Challenge was a great way for them to continue their health journey as a team. Tammy Meyer, winner of this year’s challenge, explained, “We did the entire challenge together; going to the Wellness Center, exercising together – everything.”

2023 Weight Loss Challenge Community Winner, Tammy Meyer, with her prizes: a $100 gift card to Scheels and a 3 Month Membership to the Wellness Center with Lindsey Englar, Wellness Center Supervisor
From Left to Right: 2023 Weight Loss Challenge Community Winner, Tammy Meyer, with her prizes: a $100 gift card to Scheels and a 3 Month Membership to the Wellness Center with Lindsey Englar, Wellness Center Supervisor

Starting the Journey

After a visit to the doctor earlier in 2022, Tammy’s husband, Chad, was told that his A1 levels were high and that it would be beneficial to establish some healthier habits to lose weight. “We started walking out in the country at our house around June,” Tammy shared, “When the snow started flying and we couldn’t walk anymore, we knew we had to figure something out so we could stay active during the winter months.”

Then, Tammy saw information about the Weight Loss Challenge on Facebook and shared it with Chad. “We were definitely looking for something to get us out and stay active. Another draw was being able to get a 3-month membership at a discount. We appreciated that, as we were on a budget, and it gave us a chance to try the Wellness Center out to see if we liked it and wanted to stick with it.”

Trying New Things

For Tammy, trying out the Wellness Center involved a lot of new workouts and equipment. “My husband stayed pretty focused on the treadmill, but I moved around. I tried the different equipment and did a little bit of everything. There were times we would even go into the studio to use to the row equipment.”

Throughout the challenge, Tammy and Chad found a lot of support from the Wellness Center. “The staff was so helpful.  If I needed anything, they were happy to answer my questions.” She also mentioned the benefits of the weekly newsletters during the challenge, sharing, “There have been a few recipes that were sent out that we’ve saved, so that’s been really helpful with our health goals.”

Seeing Their Progress

Tammy and Chad have been thrilled with their progress over the course of the challenge. Chad lost almost 20 pounds, 6.7% of his total body weight, and Tammy lost 13 pounds, 8.4% of her total body weight. However, Tammy was excited to share the other ways that they have noticed changes, “When I first started, some of my weights were 5 lbs and now I’m up to working out with 20 lbs on those exercises. When Chad first started, he was walking, but by the end of the challenge, he was jogging the entire hour we were there.” She shared, “The last time he went in, he went over 6 miles in one hour. So, we’ve seen major improvements from the both of us.”

Moving forward, Tammy is planning to continue visiting the Wellness Center so she has access to the weights and equipment she doesn’t have at home, but once the weather gets nicer, Chad is planning on transitioning his walking and running outdoors. She did add, “We are hoping to sign up again next winter when we can’t be outside, though!”

Working as a Team

For Tammy and Chad, the biggest motivator for them was each other. “Seriously, Chad and I having each other was amazing through the challenge.  Because there were days when I didn’t feel like working out and he would push me to go and I did the same for him on the days he wasn’t wanting to go. We’d just tell each other ‘Come on, we have to stick with it.’”

Finding out she had won the Weight Loss Challenge was exciting. “One thing for sure, I was very surprised when I opened that e-mail and it said I was the winner. I was like, ‘No way – I can’t be the winner!’ It was a great surprise and made my day.”

Sticking With It

Tammy’s advice for others looking to build healthier habits or starting a workout program is, “You have to be in it. This was something we had to do because my husband’s health was the most important thing, otherwise we were not very active before. Once you get started, though, keep going with it.”

“Don’t give up after a couple weeks or months. Commit to getting better for yourself.”

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