In the words of Amy Sokolofsky, having her first baby was “an amazing experience”. Jayce, who was born in September 2013, is a blessing to her and father Jeff Liepold.

Amy and Jeff both took advantage of the free prenatal education classes offered at the Windom Area Hospital. “The classes were very helpful, especially for Jeff”. Amy and Jeff attended the 5 week prenatal education session which includes information on stages of labor, breathing techniques, potential birthing complications, medication options, and basic safety and child care issues.  “Jeff envisioned us sitting around on the floor with pillows and practicing breathing, when in reality the sessions are taught classroom style.” Amy also attended the free breastfeeding class.

When Amy went into labor, she took advantage of many of the pain management techniques offered at the Birth Place at the Hospital. “We used the exercise ball and the hot tub during labor, which all worked great.” The Birth Place offers these options and techniques to help laboring moms seek comfort, but to also help progress labor faster.  The knowledgeable nursing staff will also provide patients with other ideas to try, such as walking, sitting in a rocker, and changing positions frequently.

The staff played a big role in Jayce’s delivery. “Along with Dr. Taber, I couldn’t have done it without the nurses. Kate Axford and Katie Bennett were both wonderful and a lot of help”.

Having Jayce in Windom was a great experience for Amy and Jeff. Amy notes, “Not only was it a quick trip to the hospital when I was in labor, going to prenatal appointments was convenient. Even now, taking Jayce to check-ups is just a few minutes from home.”

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