Cancer Care

Cancer Care at Windom Area Health is designed to allow cancer patients to receive treatment close to home in a comfortable, caring environment.

Your treatment may require chemotherapy, targeted I.V. therapy, port flushes, or cancer education, all of which can take place right here at Windom Area Health. Treatments are provided in our patient rooms, all equipped with beds, chairs, TVs and iPads upon request.

Appointments are scheduled weekdays during regular business hours.

Physician Comforting Patient

Your Cancer Care Team

A chemotherapy nurse gives individualized care to the patient during the treatment course. They work close with a pharmacist, your doctor, and your referring oncologist to help you through your treatment journey.

Often, patients have to advocate for their treatments to be given at a smaller, local hospital. Remember to ask your doctor about having your treatments at Windom Area Health. We would be glad to work with them to explore the possibilities.

For more information regarding Windom Area Health’s chemotherapy program, call 507-831-2400.

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