Emergency Services

24-hour Emergency Medical Services

Windom Area Health provides 24-hour emergency medical services. To better serve our patients we have outlined the emergency room process to help patients understand how services are provided:

Medical Treatment for patients is determined by medical status through a triage process, rather than on a "first-come, first served" basis. Patients with critical medical status are given priority.

Physician Coverage

Windom Area Health is proud to offer 24-hour on-site physician coverage, 7 days a week.

Before the patient is seen by a physician, a nurse will complete an evaluation of the patient. A physician will be contacted and will determine appropriate action to examine the patient in the ER or recommend treatment at a local clinic.

Insurance and demographic information is required with each ER visit. Always carry your insurance card with you.


Triage Process

The Windom Area Health Emergency Department triages (prioritizes) patients based on the seriousness of symptoms, NOT "first come, first served."

After you press the nurse call button, a triage nurse will assess the severity of your condition and the urgency of the treatment you need. Please let us know if your symptoms change. The triage nurse will be rounding and reassessing frequently.

The most urgent and serious cases must be seen first. Sometimes patient arrivals outnumber the treatment rooms available. You may have an extended time in the waiting room.

In less busy times, we may be able to promptly take you to a room for treatment, regardless of the severity of injury/illness.

This coding system helps Emergency staff prioritize our patients' needs.

Level 1: The patient is unresponsive or unconscious, or is suffering from life-threatening conditions needing critical care.

Level 2: The patient shows signs of distress or is experiencing a condition that can become life-threatening and needs to be re-evaluated. Cases like these must be continuously monitored. 

Level 3: The patient is stable but requires multiple types of resources to be monitored or treated.

Level 4: The patient is stable but has an injury/illness that needs medical attention.

Level 5: The patient has non-threatening symptoms and is in stable condition.

Each patient is importantand we do our best to ensure everyone is seen in a timely fashion.

Laboratory and Imaging Services

During your visit, laboratory and imaging tests may be required.

They are available 24-hours for emergency needs. If your visit is after regular laboratory and imaging working hours, off-site staff will be contacted and come to the hospital to perform the needed tests as quickly as possible.

Windom Area Health’s pharmacy is licensed to dispense medications to hospitalized patients only. ER patients will only receive enough medication to last until a retail pharmacy is available to fill the prescription.

Any questions or concerns should be directed to a nurse or you may contact the Hospital Administrator at 507-831-2400.

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