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An Interview with Chiropractic Services at WAH
An Interview with Chiropractic Services at WAH
Dr. Phillip Skow of Progressive ChiropracticDr. Kylie Norell of Wellness ...
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Women and Lifting Weights: Changing the Narrative to Age Well
Women and Weightlifting: Changing the Narrative to Age Well
For decades, women have been targeted with fitness phrases like, ...
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Dedicated To Health

Improving health and customer experience through individualized quality care, visionary leadership, and progressive teamwork.

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Windom Area Health strives to provide an array of health care services in a medical setting close to home. We offer a comprehensive range of inpatient and outpatient services and programs to meet the needs of our patients and community.

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At Windom Area Health, our mission is ‘Dedicated to Health.' While you are visiting us, this dedication can be shown through our highly trained and compassionate staff that is responsive to your health concerns and needs, along with a clean, comfortable environment.

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Wellness Center

The Wellness Center at Windom Area Health offers a variety of health services including education classes, health assessments, corporate incentive programs promoting healthy behaviors, and memberships to the Wellness Center.

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Employment at Windom Area Health is meant to benefit our patients, as well as to support personal and professional growth. We have a range of employment opportunities right now and can't wait to meet you.


Local Woman Triumphs Over COVID-19

Local Woman Triumphs Over COVID-19

After experiencing symptoms, Joan Johnson of Windom, MN, visited the Windom Area Health Emergency Department and received a diagnosis of COVID-19 and pneumonia. 
“I just thought, ‘Wow.’  I was just so glad to be in the hospital and getting the help I needed.”

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Overcoming Years of Pain

Overcoming Years of Pain

With a meniscus injury Memorial Day Weekend back in 2018 and living with worsening arthritis pain, Marlys Christensen of Windom, MN had two options—continue to live in pain, giving up walking and golfing or get a knee replacement. Marlys was ready for relief and longing to get back to her active life.

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Man Walking on Treadmill Achieving Goals

Achieving Goals and Reaching a New Weight

The 2019 Community Weight Loss Challenge was a huge success mentally and physically for one Windom man this year. Al Baloun was our winner, losing a total of 60 pounds! This was a 12-week challenge, beginning on January 14 and ending on April 8. Participants had full use of our Wellness Center, received confidential weigh-ins and were provided with dietitian support.

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Total Contact Cast (TCC) Creates Life Changing Results

Total Contact Cast (TCC) Creates Life Changing Results

Chronic wounds are a silent epidemic in the United States, leaving nearly 6.7 million people suffering from painful non-healing sores. Non-healing wounds drastically affect people by diminishing their overall quality of life and potentially decreasing life expectancy if left untreated. Fortunately, this was not the case for Bob Axford.

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