New Mindset Leads to Healthy Habits
2022 Weight Loss Challenge Community Winner, Kristi Hedman, with her prizes: a $100 gift card to Scheels and a $50 certificate to the Wellness Center.

For one local woman, the 2022 Weight Loss Challenge helped set up healthy habits for her life and future goals.  Kristi Hedman, the 2022 Community Winner of the challenge, shared, “I’ve lost the same 10 pounds over and over, but they creep back on.  With the Weight Loss Challenge, I did things in a more sustainable way and I actually lost more weight.”

Taking the First Step

Kristi had seen ads for the Weight Loss Challenge in the past and considered it, but had never taken that step to participate.  Then, this year, her sister-in-law mentioned she was going to join the challenge.  “That encouraged me to do it,” Kristi explained, “At my last check-up, my cholesterol and blood sugars were a little elevated.  Nothing too concerning, but enough that it helped me approach the Weight Loss Challenge as a health goal, not as an appearance goal.”

Small Things Add Up

Incorporating small changes had Kristi seeing great results.  With smarter snacking and manageable workouts, Kristi finished the challenge at the top of the leaderboard by losing 13.8% of her total body weight.  Some of the small changes that added up for her were parking a little further away when shopping or going the long way around to get some extra walking in.  “There were some days I did really well with working out and then there were days when I didn’t do as much.  But I didn’t beat myself up about it this time around.  I did a lot of my exercise in 10 to 15 minute increments rather than big workouts.” 

She utilized her treadmill at home quite a bit and enjoyed being able to use the provided membership to the Wellness Center for exercising with weights.  “I liked their setup with the weights.  I also liked going into the Wellness Center because the staff was so encouraging and supportive.  They were always excited each time I would weigh in and they had good advice and tips for me.”

All About Health

One of the big differences that Kristi focused on during the challenge was her mindset.  When she was younger, she was able to eat whatever she wanted, but as that changed she would beat herself up about her weight.  “Before I wanted results fast, but I made sure to approach the Weight Loss Challenge differently.  I didn’t go into it thinking, ‘I need to lose weight or drop a jean size.’  It was about needing to put healthy food into my body and using my body.  I can tell I’m stronger.  I feel better.  I have more energy.”

She also shared that being an empty nester was also a factor of her journey this time around.  “I think especially as a mom it’s hard to focus on yourself.  You’re busy running the kids around and it’s easier to pick up a pizza or go to the drive-through.  Now, it’s really time for me to start taking care of myself.” 

Continuing the Journey

Kristi has already set a new goal for the next 3 months and knows she will be able to stick with it.  “It feels like I can continue with this where in the past it felt insurmountable with the mindset of ‘I have so much weight to lose.’  Now, I’m making those small changes for health reasons and know that I’m taking care of myself by doing this.”

“It doesn’t feel like something I’m giving up.  It’s something I’m really doing for myself.”

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