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Planning, Advocacy, and Referrals

The Social Services department at Windom Area Health assists patients with discharge planning, advocacy, and referrals. Other primary responsibilities include coordinating swing bed and transcare. Our goal is to assist our patients and their families through education, consultation, advocacy, and referral for the services they need.

For more information, contact the Social Services Department at 507-831-0687.

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Community Resources

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Discharge Planning

Patients admitted into Windom Area Health have the right to request a discharge planning evaluation. To make a request, please contact Windom Area Health Social Services, or make your request directly with your nurse.

Please Note: Windom Area Health routinely assesses all patients admitted for discharge planning needs.

Discharge planning services include:
  • Review of the patient’s current medical status, medical history and potential medical considerations following discharge
  • Assessment of the patient’s current support system and living situation, including services and assistance in place through family or other individuals
  • Evaluation of the patient’s potential needs following discharge
  • Planning for the patient’s transition from the hospital at the time of discharge
  • Discussion and coordination with the patient and the patient’s representatives
  • Review of community resources and supports available to the patient, including insurance coverage and financial considerations
  • Completion of referrals to agencies and entities that will be involved in the patient’s care following discharge
  • Post discharge follow-up with the patient or patient’s representative

Health Care Directives

A Health Care Directive is a written document that informs others of your wishes about your health care. It allows you to name a person ("agent") to decide for you if you are unable.

At Windom Area Health, you have the right to:

  • Have information about Health Care Directives
  • Have staff follow your wishes as stated in your Health Care Directive

Your Health Care Directive will be followed:

  • To the degree permitted by law
  • To the extent medically appropriate
  • Subject to limitations on the basis of conscience or other reason permitted by state law
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We follow a patient's Health Care Directive once we have knowledge of its contents and the extent to which it is consistent with law and reasonable standards of medical practice. If a provider cannot honor a Health Care Directive, the option of transferring the patient's care to another provider who will comply with the patient's wishes must be discussed.

To learn more about Health Care Directives and or any other support services, contact Karen Denzer, Licensed Social Worker, at 507-831-0687.

You can also read more about Health Care Directives by Clicking Here.

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