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Welcome to Community Health and Wellness! Windom Area Health has implemented two great opportunities to learn how to live healthy and be well. The hospital installed a new path called the "Be Well Path" which opened in June of 2018. Through grants, community donations, and contributions from the hospital, it turned a dream into a reality. This path is more than just a walking path. It offers 15 pieces of outdoor equipment, some including a double elliptical, sit up board  and pull up bars. Also, Windom Area Health has a "Feel Awesome. Live Healthy. Be Well." campaign that was launched in November of 2016. The goal is to help make our community a healthier place to live, through focusing on the body, mind and people.

Be Well Path

It started as a dream. Create a free exercise opportunity for our community while utilizing Windom Area Hospital's unique campus. Our dream has now turned into a reality!

Through grants, community donations, and contributions from the hospital, the Be Well path began construction August 7th, 2017. Here are some fun facts about our path:

  • It is approximately 2/3 of a mile and 7 feet across.
  • Due to a natural spring and frequent water erosion area, there is a bridge in the North tree line.

Location of the Be Well Path around the hospital.

Path Rules

  • Hours of Path: Sunrise - Sunset
  • Path will not be maintained in ice/snow.
  • No motorized vehicles, rollerblades or skateboards.
  • Bikes should yield to foot traffic.
  • Pet friendly, pick up after your pet.
  • Use at your own risk.

Not Just a Path

We all like a walk, but when you’re out to get in a good workout, adding in some cardio or weight training is beneficial. Spaced out around the path loop, there will be outdoor gym equipment, most of which is made to accommodate at least two people to encourage working out in pairs or as a family. The path has 15 pieces of outdoor gym equipment, including:

  • Double Elliptical
  • Double Ski Walker
  • Fun Rider
  • Exercise Bike
  • Chest Press
  • Lat Pull
  • Sky Climber
  • Hip Twister
  • Balance System
  • Ab Board
  • Push Up Bars
  • Leg Press

Learn how to use the equipment!

Why a Path?

In Cottonwood County, two out of three residents are overweight or obese, and only 32% get enough physical activity outside of their regular job. We know we have a national and community problem and as a hospital, we want to be involved in the solution to make our community and youth healthier. We want to provide a place that encourages parents and children to spend time together, promoting family unity, and encouraging exercise to be something fun the family can do as a unit, rather than separately.

All members of the community, regardless of race and economic status will have free access to the Be Well Path and gym equipment.

As a hospital, we already do several initiatives with youth in our community, but the Be Well Path & outdoor gym will allow us to expand those efforts. For example, we plan on working with school physical education classes on scheduling field trips to use our path/gym. Our Fitness Center plans on incorporating the Be Well Path into current exercise classes and also adding free parent/child classes on a regular basis. We facilitate a summer athletic camp in coordination with Windom Schools (POWER) where we would be able to 'host' the kids using the path to provide more variety to the program curriculum. Many children are not athletes or do not participate in organized sports, and the path can teach them that there are other, fun ways to get moving.

If you have questions on the Be Well Path, contact Emily Masters at 507-831-0625.

We send a sincere thank you to our Platinum, Gold and Silver sponsors:

  • Toro Foundation
  • Super Bowl Legacy Fund
  • Remick Foundation
  • Sanford Health
  • Lewis Drug
  • Marilyn Wahl
  • Odell Wind Farm
  • Apex Clean Energy
  • Windom Area Schools - Class of 2017
  • Michael  & Lois Anderson
  • Kari Witte
  • Ron & Nancy Meyer
  • GDF
  • Citizen Publishing
  • Lori King
  • Tom & Terri Tegals
  • Dr. Ron & Dianne Kuecker
  • Wendy Wenner
  • Emily Saffert
  • David & Beatty Muller
  • Doug & Rose Purrington
  • Bernie & Judy Woizeschke
  • Holt's Cleaning Service
  • David & Juane Elston
  • Masters Stone + Landscaping
  • Kim Armstrong
  • Alan and Jody Saffert
  • Karen Denzer
  • Robert Byers
  • Tom & Maryls Christensen
  • Nick & Judy Trotter
  • Bobby & Brenna Elwell
  • Windom Area Hospital Foundation
  • Leland & Marilyn Erickson
  • Mick & Barb Christians
  • Jeff & Betty Fredin
  • Steve & Brenda Muller
  • Jim & LeiLani Klaassen Family
  • Donna Torkelson

Be Well @ Work

Calling All Employers!

Did you know that for every dollar spent on a wellness program, the average medical cost DECREASES by $3.27? Are you looking to reduce your employees’ health care costs and help make an impact on their health?

Windom Area Health is partnering with Community Wellness Partners to offer its Wellness Works collaborative. This FREE educational program will give your organization the foundational tools to incorporate sustainable changes through workplace policies, systems, and environments while focusing on the areas of physical activity, healthy eating, tobacco cessation, breastfeeding support and MORE.

If you or your organization is interested in learning more about this program, contact Jessica Schmit at (507) 831-0671.

Feel Awesome

The health and well-being of a community benefits not only individual members, but the community at large. As a healthcare organization, Windom Area Health recognizes the role we can play in making our communities a healthier place. On November 14th, 2016 Windom Area Heath launched a new wellness brand called, “Feel Awesome. Live Healthy. Be Well”.

The Feel Awesome campaign kicked off November 14th with staff members going around to local businesses, asking for support for their “Park Here. Enjoy the walk.” sign. These signs, which are bright green in color, will be placed in the parking spot farthest from the business entrance, in hopes of promoting people to seek more movement in their day naturally.

Windom Area Health takes pride in being the founder and creator of the Feel Awesome campaign. “As a hospital, we see our role in improving community health and wellbeing and wanted a fun and fresh brand to help us drive that. Feel Awesome should be viewed as our community wellness brand, not just a hospital initiative”, notes Emily Masters, Chief Human Relations Officer for the hospital. The Feel Awesome program is seeking restaurants, fitness centers, non-profits, sporting clubs, grocers', etc. to help co-promote healthy living and well-being.

If you are interested in partnering with the “Feel Awesome” campaign, or seeking ways to discover how your business can become healthier, please contact Jessica Schmit at 507-831-0671.


To positively impact and improve the overall health and well-being of the communities we serve. 


Develop services and build strong partnerships with our community that emphasize and promote overall health and well-being, focusing on:

  • Body: Moving naturally for activity, eating with healthy habits, preventing disease.
  • Mind: Managing stress, getting rest, and finding balance.
  • People: Having faith and purpose, family unity, and belonging to social circles.

Be Well Bites

Be Well Bites are a series of videos and graphics that promote healthy habits, give fitness advice, and provide tips for mental wellbeing.  Below is a Be Well Bites that centers on physical wellness as presented by Jenn Fast, Yoga Instructor here at Windom Area Health Wellness Center! As videos are added, previous videos will be located under the most recent.

Be Well Bites Recipe Cards (1)
To view other Be Well Bites videos, go to our Diabetes & Nutrition Page!
For a Be Well Bites on Mental Wellbeing, head over to our Mental Health/Psychiatry Page!

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