With rising out of pocket expenses set forth by our health plans, many of us are looking for any way to save on our medical bills.  Did you know that Windom Area Health offers a 10% prompt pay discount on qualifying accounts?

Prompt Pay to Save Money

You are probably wondering – what is a “qualifying account”? The simple answer is any balance except for a copay qualifies – if it is paid in full before the first statement’s due date.  I am sure the next question is – how do I get this discount? Since we have to review your account to make sure it meets all of the criteria in our policy, you must call the billing office at 507-831-0616 and speak with a representative.  The representative will ask you to pay this over the phone or bring in the payment.  Please understand they are not trying to be difficult but to make sure the payment is received on time and for ease of tracking, this needs to be done right away.  Windom Area Health takes many forms of payment – Credit, Debit, E-Check (over the phone), check and cash for your convenience.

Windom Area Health appreciates every one of our patients and this is just another way we are trying to offer the best care possible. We do understand that it may not be possible for everyone to pay their bills in full at all times, so we also offer payment plans and financial assistance (the prompt pay discount would not apply to these plans).  If you ever have questions or concerns about paying your bill please contact our billing office for assistance.

By Jennifer Englin, Patient Accounting/Lead Billing

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