Prehab May Improve Surgery Outcomes

I have recently been working with patients in Physical Therapy who are due for surgery, but have not received the operation yet. This “prehab” has been becoming more and more popular with patients that require an ACL repair, but do not currently have the mobility or strength to have surgery. Typically, this has taken between 5-10 sessions and has proven very useful in my experience. Patients are able to regain sufficient mobility and strength as well as gaining experience with the typical rehab activities that they will perform after surgery. Studies also show that patients who attend Physical Therapy prior to ACL repairs improve their outcomes after surgery.

‘Prehab’ has also been proven to benefit patients that are scheduled for total hip and knee replacements. Physical Therapy prior to surgery, again, helps with regaining available mobility and strength along with gaining confidence with the rehab process that will take place after surgery.

Please feel free to give the Windom Area Health Rehabilitation Department a call at (507)831-0634 with any questions about rehab prior to surgery.

By Mitch Boeck, DPT

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