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Sweating in Extreme Heat
Sweating in Extreme Heat
Yes it’s hot out there!  And you are sweating! But ...
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Ankle Importance as We Age
The Importance of Ankles as We Age
Ankle mobility and strength can have a big impact on ...
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Dedicated To Health

Improving health and customer experience through individualized quality care, visionary leadership, and progressive teamwork.

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Windom Area Health strives to provide an array of health care services in a medical setting close to home. We offer a comprehensive range of inpatient and outpatient services and programs to meet the needs of our patients and community.

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At Windom Area Health, our mission is ‘Dedicated to Health.' While you are visiting us, this dedication can be seen through our highly trained and compassionate staff that is responsive to your health concerns and needs, along with a clean, comfortable environment.

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Wellness Center

The Wellness Center at Windom Area Health offers a variety of health services including education classes, health assessments, corporate incentive programs promoting healthy behaviors, and memberships to the Wellness Center.

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Employment at Windom Area Health is meant to benefit our patients, as well as to support personal and professional growth. We have a range of employment opportunities right now and can't wait to meet you.


Heart & Vascular Screens Serve as Wake-Up Call

Heart & Vascular Screens Serve As Wake-Up Call

When Heart and Vascular Screens were offered at Windom Area Health Outreach, Joel Higley and his wife, Jodi, got signed up.  His results were a surprise, leading to better awareness and education on how to keep his heart healthy.

“You get a physical every year, you try to eat right, you try to take care of yourself, but…you never know.”

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Complications Lead to Many Blessings

Complications Lead to Many Blessings

Many people have experienced misfortunate situations resulting in something unexpectedly good later on, referred to often as "a blessing in disguise." For Bryan Lund, from Fulda, MN, his series of misfortunes led to the greatest blessing one can ever achieve, saving his life.

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Diary of a New Dad

Diary of a New Dad

April 26th was a regular Monday, but for one staff member at Windom Area Health it was the day he became a dad.  Joel and Jaci Riordan of Windom, MN welcomed their first child, Jaire Thomas, that Monday morning at The Birth Place at Windom Area Health.

“It was kind of a hectic twenty-four hours there!”

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Local Woman Triumphs Over COVID-19

Local Woman Triumphs Over COVID-19

After experiencing symptoms, Joan Johnson of Windom, MN, visited the Windom Area Health Emergency Department and received a diagnosis of COVID-19 and pneumonia. 
“I just thought, ‘Wow.’  I was just so glad to be in the hospital and getting the help I needed.”

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