The Patient & Family Advisor Experience
Patient & Family Advisory Council (PFAC) Members: (From Left to Right) Katie Bennett, Barb LaCanne, Emily Masters, Linda Mix, Karen Denzer, Amy Leopold, and Travis Eichstadt
Not Pictured: Pam Gahler, Cathie Veenker, and Justin Schmit

Windom Area Health relies on a Patient & Family Advisory Council (PFAC) to serve in an advisory capacity to support the organization in personalizing and improving the healthcare experience, improving safety and advancing performance improvement efforts.

Our goal is to include patients and families at every level throughout their care with us. Through conversations, sharing ideas, and inviting patients to participate, the outcome will be better health care for everyone.

Hear from Amy Leopold, who is a founding member of the PFAC, on her experience on the Council:

“Being a part of PFAC makes me feel like I’m helping patients and families get the best experience possible.  Bringing an outside perspective to the hospital staff is an important part of our role.

I have been a part of PFAC since its inception.  One of the projects I have helped implement is the Murphy Beds (pull down bed from the wall) in the maternity rooms.  They were originally going to be used for sleep studies and were not being received as well as hoped.  We then discovered that they would work well for the family members that would like to stay the night at the hospital with the new mothers.

My biggest contribution is my outside perspective and bringing new ideas to projects being worked on within the hospital.

Being a part of PFAC has helped me understand what goes on within the hospital, help bring community awareness and makes me feel like I’m doing what I can to help out.”

By Amy Leopold

Patients and family members with both positive and constructive feedback and experiences are invited to join the PFAC.

Contact Emily Masters, Chief Human Relations Officer, to get more information or to join the PFAC at 507-831-0625 or [email protected]

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