October 4th through October 10th is Healthcare Food Service Workers Week! We wanted to share some updates while we have been closed to the public as we are continually looking to offer healthier (and tastier!) options.

At Windom Area Health, our mission statement is ‘Dedicated to Health’. Nutrition plays an important role in many aspects of our health. The Nutritional Services Department at Windom Area Health is working towards healthier options to our customers. It is not always easy to find healthy options that will suit several taste preferences. We have been working on making small changes to our menu offerings that will add up to make a big difference.

Like many other foodservice establishments, we have had to adapt and make changes quickly as COVID-19 hit. We have increased our cleaning and sanitation practices, removed self-serve areas, limited cafeteria to Windom Area Health staff, and our self-serve salad bar transitioned to variety in-house packaged specialty salads. Some of these changes have allowed the nutritional services department to focus on healthier food offerings.

Our house made specialty salads have been a favorite of the Windom Area Health staff. The Nutritional Services staff create several specialty salad combinations. Our most popular salad is our chef salad followed closely by our cranberry feta salad. We have transitioned some of our grain choices to whole grain options such as whole grain spaghetti. On Fridays, we offer whole-wheat buns or skinny buns for our burgers. We have also introduced protein packs, avocado halves, and energy bites into our Grab-and-Go cooler as healthier options.

Often times our weekly menu is inspired by staff requests and online resources. We always offer a heart healthy, reduced sodium options on our menus. We still serve a variety of staff favorites like tacos, pasta, and pizza, so staff have different meal options.

Although 2020 has not gone as planned, we look forward to continuing to expand our healthy offerings and hope to re-open to the public in the future.  

By Abby Kipfer, Director of Nutritional Services

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