Windom Area Health Working to Establish Mental Health Walk-In Clinic

Clinic will allow hospital to provide immediate mental health care closer to home

WINDOM, MN – Windom Area Health recently presented their vision to establish a mental health walk-in clinic to area community partners.  The need for mental health services has increased substantially in the last couple of years due to the loss of vital mental health resources in the area.  The team at Windom Area Health has chosen to put their focus towards individuals who work and/or live in Windom and the surrounding area who are presenting to the emergency department with mental health concerns who could be seen in a clinic setting if there was one available.   

Recent results from a survey sent out to area schools, social service agencies, law enforcement, and health care settings all pointed to the lack of mental health care in the area as a number one concern and priority.  Often those in need will have to travel a great distance or be put on long wait lists to see a mental health provider close to home. 

The goal of the walk-in clinic is to help create better patient care for those dealing with a mental health crisis, and hopefully help them avoid a crisis all together.  While the team at Windom Area Health is just in the beginning stages of planning, there is an incredible amount of community support as the COVID pandemic and loss of area resources has only increased the need for mental health care close to home.  A group of representatives from the hospital recently traveled to similar types of facilities in Iowa, and gained significant knowledge of what it would take to make this a reality at Windom Area Health. 

Windom Area Health has recognized that the lack of mental health resources in the area needs to be a strategic priority.  While committed to this service and vision, planning is at the infancy stages and no timeline for implementation is available.  A community group that includes Windom Area Health employees, along with representatives from the school, public health, and medical community are meeting regularly to develop the plan details.

About Windom Area Health

Windom Area Health is a Critical Access Hospital, providing 24-hour comprehensive general medical, surgical, obstetrical, and emergency healthcare services, along with a wide variety of outpatient services. Windom Area Health is owned by the City of Windom and managed by Sanford Health.

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