The Windom Area Hospital (WAH) is partnering with two community organizations to offer health related courses to the community. The efforts are a part of Windom Area Hospital’s community health and wellness efforts to improve the overall wellbeing of the communities we serve.

Living Well with Chronic Conditions

The first is a partnership with ACE of Cottonwood County and focuses on managing chronic health symptoms, getting back in control and putting the LIFE BACK IN YOUR LIFE! Click the button below to view the course dates and information.

[button url=””]Living Well with Chronic Conditions[/button]

Healthy Lifestyles

The second class is a partnership between WAH and Southern Prairie Community Care, where attendees will meet weekly over a 16 week period to learn how to create a healthier lifestyle, lose weight, get more physical activity and prevent diabetes. Click below to be brought to the course details and dates.

[button url=””]Healthy Lifestyles[/button]

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