Attention all expecting, new and lactating moms!
Benefits of Breastfeeding

Did you know that The Birth Place at Windom Area Health offers Lactation and breastfeeding support to all of our moms? With trained Certified Lactation Counselors and staff we are dedicated to help you and your newborn achieve your breastfeeding goals successfully.

There are many breastfeeding benefits for both mom and baby which include the following:

  • Mom – it can help lower the risk in developing high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, postpartum depression, breast and ovarian cancer
  • Baby – help reduce the risk for asthma, obesity, type 1 diabetes, respiratory disease, ear infections, 50% decrease in risk for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome/Sudden Unexplained Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS/SUIDS), gestational infections, boost your babies immunity as your breastmilk provides immunity/antibodies directly to your baby and its always the right temperature and readily available

As breastfeeding is the gold standard for infant feeding and nutrition here are some of the lactation resources we offer at Windom Area Health’s Birth Place:

  • Free breastfeeding classes (also offer free Prenatal Education and Childbirth Refresher classes)
  • Education and support with breastfeeding after delivery with our Lactation Counselors and staff, use of breast pumps, cup feeding, hand expression, etc.
  • Great Beginnings –free complimentary follow up appointments every Tuesday with our Lactation Counselors. Includes breast feeding help and support along with baby weight checks
  • Baby Café – Free drop in center for all pregnant and breastfeeding mothers that offers: support from specifically trained staff, opportunities to share experiences and make friends, refreshments/snacks, open forum discussion, and play areas for accompanying toddlers. Weight checks offered for baby/infants/toddlers. No appointment needed, Baby Café sites are open on a drop in basis (virtual meetings taking place during COVID-19 pandemic). Check us out on Facebook: Breastfeeding Boosters of Cottonwood, Jackson and Nobles Counties.

Some common Myths about breastfeeding:

  • Other women in my family weren’t able to breastfeed, so I won’t be able to either. This is false, and we are here to help you with your breastfeeding goals.
  • Formula fed babies sleep better and gain more weight. This is false, breastfed babies sleep just as well if not better than formula fed babies as breastmilk is specific to babies and all natural.
  • I’m too small chested and so I fear I won’t make enough or as much milk as a mother with larger breasts. Breast size does not determine your ability to supply enough milk. Human breasts, just like all other mammals breasts, are to produce milk for their young.

Visit our Events Calendar to check for upcoming Birth Place classes! To learn more about the Birth Place at Windom Area Health and the variety of services they office, click here.

By Ashley Jensen, OB Coordinator

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