This month we are celebrating National Physical Therapy Month here at the Windom Area Hospital. Physical therapy is a great way to help with pain management and to improve a persons mobility. One benefit of physical therapy is maximizing your movement. Our staff are movement experts and can identify, diagnose and treat movement problems with the body. Also with physical therapy, people are able to participate in their own recovery with going over treatment plans with their therapist. Communicating with your therapist is key to getting yourself healthy again.

One of the biggest issues in the world today, is the Opioid Epidemic. Risks with opioids include depression, addiction, and withdrawal symptoms. Physical therapy can be a great alternative to managing pain instead of using opioid drugs to treat or manage your pain, but there are some people who will be prescribed opioids as part of their medical treatment plan by their doctor. Lastly, physical therapy can also be a way to avoid possible surgery. Having strengthening and movement focused treatment plans can be as effective as surgery with some conditions, such as osteoarthritis.

The Rehabilitation Department offers services for physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, vestibular therapy, the senior driving program, dry needling, the LSVT Big Program, and the LSVT Loud Program. The Rehabilitation Department strives to provide quality comprehensive therapy services to assist both inpatients and outpatients in achieving their highest level of function. The caring staff of the Rehabilitation Department assists patients who have lost mobility, to regain and improve their ability to perform daily activities at home, in the community or in physical activity (sports).

For more information, contact the Rehabilitation Department at 507-831-0634. Windom Area Hospital Physical Therapy also provides services to the Mountain Lake Clinic.

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