Nursing Students at WAH

Have you ever thought about becoming a nurse? Would you have to travel far to get hands on training if I did go into nursing? What kind of nursing would you want to do?

If you have ever asked yourself those questions, Windom Area Health might be able to assist you in answering them. Here at Windom Area Health, we host a variety of students. These include high school students whom have taken the Medical Careers class provided in conjunction with the Windom Area High School. These students are able to shadow in the various hospital departments including nursing.  We also host LPN students in the spring semester from Minnesota West Community College. Windom Area Health has been the home of many students throughout the years, completing their RN preceptorships from a variety of colleges. Finally, just this year we even hosted a RN who let her license go because she was raising her family. Now that her family had grown, she was looking into re-licensure. She was able to fulfill her hands on experience with us at Windom Area Health to once again become a licensed RN.

As an 18 bed critical access hospital there are great learning opportunities available from medical/surgical patients, labor and delivery, nursery, emergency room, surgery,  and various outpatient  services. The common theme no matter if you are a high school, college, or a person looking to once again become a licensed nurse, Windom Area Health offers a great opportunity for you.  We can assist you in answering some of the questions listed above.

We look forward to helping you with advancing your education and learning experiences. You never know where it could lead, as many of these students have become Windom Area Health employees. We look forward to serving you.

Blog Post Written By: Kathy Becker RN, BSN, DON

Contact Information:


[email protected]

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