Memorial Giving with Beatty Muller

Beatty Muller 2023
Beatty Muller, Foundation Donor
Former Foundation Board Member

Beatty Muller has been a longtime supporter of Windom Area Health. She and her late husband, David Muller, who passed away Fall of 2022, were passionate about memorial giving through the Windom Area Health Foundation.

“Giving has always been a part of our life. We give in response to what has been given to us. We feel we’ve been very blessed and we hope that in some small way we can bless others,” she shared. “We—both Dave and I—are so proud of this facility. We feel that it needs support so that we have good quality care for patients and for healthcare workers to carry out their care.”

As a former board member, she helped raise funds for newborn screening equipment. The Foundation continues to raise funds for equipment purchases like newborn screening equipment, patient transport carts, and cataract procedure chairs. For Beatty, comfortable equipment, caring staff, and expert providers all make Windom Area Health a place she trusts for her own healthcare.

“I had a heart attack in 2002 and was brought to the Emergency Room. I had such excellent care in the ER,” she recalled.

After years of supporting loved ones through memorial giving, she recently donated in memory of her late husband. “I chose to give in honor of Dave because it has always been important to the two of us. It’s important to support healthcare in our community. We’re so proud of this hospital. It is pretty amazing for a small, small town. Any of our experiences with the hospital, with relatives or friends, have always been a positive experience.”

If you would like to make a donation to the Windom Area Health Foundation in memory of a loved one you have a choice in how you would like to donate.

To donate online, click the button below and fill in the name of your loved one in the ‘In Memory Of’ section.

If you would like to pay by check, please write the name of the individual you are donating in honor of with ‘memorial’ on the memo line of the check and mail it to Kim Armstrong, Executive Director of Foundation. If you would like to have your memorial go to a specific fund, please either select that on the online form, or include a note of that with your check.

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