Help Purchase a New Stress Test System

Help Purchase a New Stress Test System

Windom, MN – When you think of Windom Area Health, hopefully you’re reminded of a positive “patient experience” where you are receiving care from providers you know, friendly faces on campus, and valuing the convenience of not having to drive far. Windom Area Health is here because of you and for you. As services grow, so do technology upgrades. Equipment ages and is no longer cost-effective to service.

During February’s American Heart Month, you have an opportunity to directly support heart health in Windom. The Windom Area Health Foundation began raising funds this winter to invest in a new Stress Test System. We’re looking to raise $30,000 by February 29th.

GREAT NEWS: with the community’s support, we are halfway there! Help us secure the remaining amount to bring this necessary equipment to Windom Area Health.

“The great part about giving to a project like this is that you know it’s staying local. Your money is going directly to provide a better healthcare experience for you and for people you know,” says Katie Greener, Director of Foundation and Auxiliary. “It’s a relief when you can skip the hassle of driving a long distance and get the services you need right here in town.”

What is a Stress Test System?

A stress test system is often referred to as a “treadmill test,” where a treadmill and continuous ECG (electrocardiogram) monitoring of the patient occurs. The test is designed to determine how well your heart responds to strenuous work and carries blood throughout your body.

A cardiologist later reviews the tracings for abnormal activity to help diagnose a multitude of heart-related issues that can otherwise be overlooked.

Updating our System

Our current system is 13 years old, surpassing the typical lifespan of eight years. It has reached its end-of-life, to the point where service repairs are not economical, and the system no longer integrates with other updated technology. “Older equipment requires manual adjustments to the treadmill throughout the test,” says Brenda Muller, Director of Outpatient Operations & Specialty Clinics.

The updated system processes and stores data electronically, allowing for remote review so patients can get faster access to test results. “This streamlines paperwork and minimizes data entry errors,” says Muller. The test mechanics are smoother, quieter, and interfaced with electronic platforms so that staff can focus more time on the patient’s experience during the test.

Results from stress tests, along with a provider’s assessment, give patients vital information on their heart health, such as:

  • Identification Coronary Artery Disease in women
  • Assessment of risk of sudden cardiac events
  • Evaluation of mortality risk through exercise capacity

Help us meet our goal!

Your financial support to reach our remaining goal of $17,000 will help Windom Area Health better serve you and put your healthcare first.

To give, you can donate online here with “Stress Test Equipment Fund” in the drop-down choices, or mail a check to the Windom Area Health Foundation: 2150 Hospital Drive, Windom, MN 56101. Note “Stress Test Equipment Fund” in the memo. Your financial support stays in Windom, supports Windom, and goes 100% toward this project.

If you have any questions, contact Katie Greener, Director of Foundation and Auxiliary, at [email protected] or 507-831-0633.

Windom Area Health Foundation was established in April 2002 to provide charitable support for medical and educational programs at Windom Area Health, apart from the normal operating expenses. Funds raised by the foundation help the hospital purchase life-saving equipment and provide scholarship programs for both current employees and students interested in completing training in the medical field.

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