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Employee of the Quarter: Gina Hauge

Gina Hauge

We are thrilled to announce that Gina Hauge has been selected as the Q2 Employee of the Quarter at Windom Area Health! Gina is a dedicated Patient Access Representative in our Business Office, and her friendly demeanor at our front reception desk makes her an exemplary representative of our organization.

Gina’s warm and welcoming attitude creates a positive first impression for everyone who walks through our doors. She is always willing to lend a helping hand and steps up to learn new areas of the department when needed. Her commitment to providing excellent service and her ability to make everyone feel valued and cared for is a testament to her character and professionalism.

Here are some comments from her co-workers:

“Gina Hauge is a top-notch employee. She always greets patients politely, has a smile on her face, and speaks with other staff members so kindly and respectfully. She brightens our days!”

“I caught Gina Hauge caring by always greeting people in the hallway and greeting them when they come into the lobby (unless she was helping someone else at the moment). She is a good representative of showing we’re happy to see you here and an excellent person to have out in front!”

“I just want to say that Gina is so great to work with. She always has a smile on her face and is always quick to answer my questions. We are so fortunate to have her at WAH–for our patients and as a coworker.”

Thanks for all you do, Gina!

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