Drinking Water to Stay Hydrated

In the winter time when the air is dry, when it’s hot outside, working out in the gym or just any time at all means we need to drink more water to stay hydrated. I have talked with many people and they say they drink lots of coffee and pop to stay hydrated. What people don’t realize is that both coffee and pop dehydrate the body not hydrate it. If we don’t drink enough water, we can have effects from dehydration. Here is a list of what can happen:



Slower brain function

Dry skin


Muscle cramps


Electrolyte imbalance


Decreased urine output

Feel moody

Constipation [/one-half]

I know from experience that drinking plain water is boring and not fun. I have found these ideas are fun and new ways to drink more water:


Add fruit to water

Drink water after every bathroom break

Use app to track ounces of water intake

Drink water while preparing meal, waiting for food in restaurant


Choose sparkling or mineral water

Drink water after a workout

Drink water with every snack and meal

Drink herbal tea


A good place to start is by drinking 8 – 8 oz glasses (total 64 oz) of water a day. Find a fun or sporty reusable water bottle to reduce the plastic bottle waste and bring it everywhere you go. The benefits to drinking more water are:

Body will function properly

  • Adults are 60% water and it helps oxygen to flow through the body better. It also prevents headaches.

Maximizes physical performance

  • Helps joints and energize muscles. Water is the body’s transportation system, when dehydrated things don’t move around as well.

Improves brain function

  • Blood is 90% water and helps bring oxygen to the brain.

Promotes weight loss

  • Makes you feel fuller and helps you eat less.

Saves money

  • Not having to buy expensive coffee drinks or pop.

Boosts Mood

  • Able to think clearer and be happier.

Prevents kidney damage

  • It helps to flush out toxins.

Prevents constipation

Prevents cancer

A good rule of thumb is:

  • Drink until you urinate frequently and light in color
  • You can also get water also from fruits and veggies not just water
  • Bring water where ever you go to: school, work, sporting events, road trips, the gym, etc.

Stay healthy and drink more water!

Blog Written By: Dixie Duerksen, Medical Laboratory Technician

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