Windom Area Health provides more than healthcare services to Windom and the surrounding communities. We also collaborate with local organizations to provide community benefits.

Community Benefits 2020
One of the quarterly staff Jeans Fund donations went to Meals on Wheels. Emily Masters presented a check to Sarah Anderson and Windom site manager Kelly Kleven.

The categories for community benefits include:

  • Community Health Services – community health education, support groups, wellness and health promotion programs, health screenings or clinics.
  • Health Professions Education – provide a clinical setting for undergraduate/vocational training and health professionals, internships and externships, scholarships/funding for professional education, job shadowing.
  • Community Building Activities – cash and in-kind donations.
  • Financial Data – financial assistance to patients, uninsured discounts, subsidized health services and costs associated with community benefit strategy and operations.

Fiscal year 2020, (5/1/19-4/30/20), reportable community benefits for Windom Area Health totaled over $675,000. Of that amount $44,375 was cash and in-kind donations to the following organizations:

We provided on-site clinical education training for students from Minnesota West.

Financial Assistance and discounts to uninsured totaled $272,471.

Windom Area Health is proud to support the communities we serve.

By Kim Armstrong, Executive Director of Compliance, Foundation, and Auxiliary

References: Catholic Health Association. A Guide for Planning & Reporting Community Benefit. Washington, DC: Catholic Health Association of the United States; 2008.

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