With the holidays coming up next week, it is a good time to remind people about toy and gift safetly. According to Health Tradition with the Mayo Clinic Health System, in 2007, toy makers recalled over 19 million toys with lead paint and small magnets. Many parents want to fulfill their child’s wishes to have their dream toy, but it may not always be fulfilled. Learning how to look for dangers in a toy and making sure it is age appropriate for a child, are the best ways to keep your child safe during the holiday season.

When shopping for toys or inspecting toys your child may have received, try look for toys that:

  • Do not have shooting parts or parts that fly off
  • Do not have sharp edges or pieces that break off easily
  • Fit the skill level of your child’s age
  • Have protective gear if it is any sports equipment
  • Do not have small parts, such as magnets or button batteries
  • Do not have ropes, cords or heating elements
  • Have a “nontoxic” label on crayons and markers

Keeping all of these in mind when shopping for toys is a great way to keep your kids safe not only for the holiday season, but year round. Always stay up to date with all toy recalls and always make sure your child is washing their hands. Also, if you think your child has played with a toy that has lead on it, contact your doctor right away. Keep children safe this holiday season!



December is Safe Toys and Gifts Month. https://www.healthtradition.com/december-is-safe-toys-and-gifts-month/ accessed on July 27, 2018.

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