This week is Older Driver Safety Awareness Week and we are focusing on elderly driver education. Keeping up to date with senior driving classes can help seniors keep fresh with their driving skills and help maintain their independence. Often times seniors will also get referred to an occupational therapist to identify potential driving risks and to help them with any identified deficits.

Here at the Windom Area Hospital, our Senior Driving Program includes several physical and cognitive evaluations. These include active range of motion (ROM), muscle strength, vision, problem solving, impulse control, memory and reaction time. The evaluation takes about 1 1/2 hours in total, with our occupational therapist then analyzing the test results. Recommendations will then be provided to the patient and referring provider. The physician has the objective information in which to make a decision, which in some cases additional therapy may be ordered at the time to work on any identified deficits.

Our Senior Driving Program was developed with our senior population in mind, but is appropriate for any individual identified as a potential driving risk. For questions about our Senior Driving Program or to talk with our occupational therapist, please contact our Rehabilitation Services at 507-831-0634 or click HERE to view our website.



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