Injury prevention programs such as the FIFA 11+ have been tested in large studies and shown to greatly reduce injury rates in young athletes1,2. Windom Area Health Rehabilitation is in charge of the summer Power and Acceleration Program that incorporates many of the principles used in the FIFA 11+ warmup program. Our trained staff helps to improve movement mechanics and sports performance, while working to reduce injury rates in the young athletes that participate.

What is the FIFA: A complete warmup with a purpose to reduce common injuries seen in soccer, but other sports could also benefit from using this program. It is designed for both male and female players. It should be noted that there is a less advanced version known as the FIFA 11. It is meant to be performed with a coach nearby, giving feedback and correcting movement faults as needed.

What are the benefits: Large studies have shown injury reduction rates by 30% in male soccer athletes and up to 46% reduction in injury in youth female soccer players1,2. No equipment is needed, and it has separate levels for more or less advanced athletes.

Who should use this: It was designed for athletes ages 14 and up.

When should it be implemented: As a warmup prior to all practices and Parts 1 and 3 only on game days.

How long does it take: Around 20 minutes to complete.

What does it consist of: It is broken up into 3 parts and should be completed in order, with only running exercises performed prior to games. Part 1 consists of 6 different running exercises, Part 2 has 12 strength, plyometrics, and balance exercises, and Part 3 has 3 more running exercises.

For a complete guide on the FIFA 11+ feel free to search for FIFA 11+ injury prevention program or follow the link below:

Overall, the purpose of injury prevention programs is to teach young athletes how to move their bodies properly and avoid positons such as knee valgus (knee moving inwards) while running, jumping or landing as one such example. Current evidence shows that injury prevention warm-ups, FIFA 11+ or programs that use these principles such as the Windom Area Health Power and Acceleration Program can assist in reducing injury. It takes getting athletes, parents and coaches to get on board and informed about these principles, which in turn could be very beneficial in reducing injury rates for the next sports season.

Blog Written By: Ike Pohlman, DPT


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