When people have support of their family and friends they are able to better manage their diabetes. It is a hard disease to handle alone, so you can help your loved one cope with diabetes by showing your support.

  1. Learn about Diabetes: There is a lot to learn about how people can live well with Diabetes. By learning and understanding is a great way for you to help a loved one manage their Diabetes.
    • Ask  them to teach you about how they manage their Diabetes day to day.
    • Join a support group to help understand what it is like to live with Diabetes.
    • Read about Diabetes at www.yourdiabetesinfo.org
    • Get involved and show your loved one you care.
  2. Ask your loved one questions about coping with Diabetes and how you can help. Some questions to ask them:
    • Do you ever feel down or overwhelmed about managing your diabetes?
    • What can I do to help or make it easier for you to live with Diabetes?

Tips to help your loved one:

  1. Find ways to help your loved one manage the stress of living with Diabetes. Being a good listener is often the most important thing you can do to help.
  2. Ask your loved one if they would like reminders about Doctor visits, when to check their blood sugar or take medication
  3. Help them write down questions they would like to address at their next appointment.
  4. Eat well and with them and make meals including fruits, vegetables and whole grains.
  5. Find activities you can do together like walking, dancing, gardening or biking. Being active is a great way to handle stress and keep blood sugars in a manageable target range.

**Helping a loved one cope with Diabetes begins with talking.**

Blog Written By: Priscilla Comnick, Diabetes Education Coordinator

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