September 13th through September 19th is International Housekeeping Week!  Every day the Environmental Services/Housekeeping Department at Windom Area Health makes sure the hospital is clean from top to bottom for the health of our patients and our staff.  In light of recent times, they have gone above and beyond in their efforts to make sure our hallways, offices, bathrooms, and patient areas are the safest they can possibly be.

To emphasize just how amazing this team is, we collected some 2019 statistics from them and the numbers are impressive!

Housekeeping Week 2020
Our Housekeeping Heroes!
From L to R: Jess, Gabby, Rose, and Deb
  • 2019 Quantity of Products Used:
  • 3,680 rolls of toilet paper
  • 60 gallons of hand sanitizer
  • 17,600 38 gallon garbage bags
  • 49,500 12 gallon garbage bags
  • 2,063 gallons of disinfectant
  • 69,660 cleaning towels
  • 40 gallons of hand soap
  • 35,750 paper towels
  • 279,349 lbs of laundry

In addition to the above numbers, our Environmental Services team cleans 27 toilets and empties 263 trash cans at least once daily.  These numbers don’t even reflect patient rooms!

We expect the numbers for 2020 will far exceed those from 2019, but it gives an understanding of just how hard this team works at the hospital.  So, next time you see a member of our Environmental Services/Housekeeping Department (or any person who works in this field!), make sure to give them a hearty ‘Thank You’ for all that they do!

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