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The health and well-being of a community benefits not only individual members, but the community at large. As a healthcare organization, Windom Area Health recognizes the role we can play in making our communities a healthier place. On November 14th, 2016 Windom Area Health launched a new wellness brand called, “Feel Awesome. Live Healthy. Be Well”.

The Feel Awesome campaign kicked off November 14th with staff members going around to local businesses, asking for support for their “Park Here. Enjoy the walk.” sign. These signs, which are bright green in color, will be placed in the parking spot farthest from the business entrance, in hopes of promoting people to seek more movement in their day naturally.

Windom Area Health takes pride in being the founder and creator of the Feel Awesome campaign. “As a hospital, we see our role in improving community health and wellbeing and wanted a fun and fresh brand to help us drive that. Feel Awesome should be viewed as our community wellness brand, not just a hospital initiative”, notes Emily Masters, Chief Human Relations Officer for the hospital. The Feel Awesome program is seeking restaurants, fitness centers, non-profits, sporting clubs, grocers’, etc. to help co-promote healthy living and well-being.

If you are interested in partnering with the “Feel Awesome” campaign, or seeking ways to discover how your business can become healthier, please contact Emily Masters at 507-831-0625.

Mission Statement

Mission: To positively impact and improve the overall health and well-being of the communities we serve. 

Vision: Develop services and build strong partnerships with our community that emphasize and promote overall health and well-being, focusing on:

Body: Moving naturally for activity, eating with healthy habits, preventing disease.

Mind: Managing stress, getting rest, and finding balance.

People: Having faith and purpose, family unity, and belonging to social circles.

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