August is National Breastfeeding Month and August 1st-August 7th is World Breastfeeding Week every year. These awareness campaigns aim to educate, engage, and celebrate the process. We wanted to take a moment to highlight the various ways that the Birth Place at Windom Area Health works to educate and support families that opt to breastfeed/chest-feed!

Breastfeeding Support at the Birth Place

At the Birth Place, the lactation counselors, providers, and staff encourage and promote breastfeeding/chest-feeding. Our trained staff are happy to assist you and your newborn in your feeding goals. WAH also offers free complimentary “Great Beginnings” follow-up appointments with one of our certified lactation counselors after discharge, whether the infant was born at our Birth Place or not. Appointments will generally take 20-60 minutes and be held at the hospital. A registered nurse, who is also a lactation consultant, will provide an exam for mom covering delivery follow-up, breastfeeding assistance if needed, and wellness screenings. Baby’s exam will cover weight, feeding, cord condition, jaundice, and other assessments.  “Great Beginnings” is also for mother-baby couplets that may have chosen not to breastfeed/chest-feed.  

Our lactation counselors have explained a few of the reasons parents should opt to schedule the appointment. “While it’s often intimidating to leave the house the first week, it’s a great, safe opportunity to venture out. Some babies don’t show signs of jaundice until after discharge and this appointment offers ideal timing to check to make sure baby’s levels are safe. Also, breastfeeding issues often present themselves the first week and if we can help mom overcome them, it will help set the course for a successful feeding future.”

If you have any breastfeeding/chest-feeding concerns or questions, please call and schedule an appointment with our lactation counselor at 507-831-0660. Learn more about the Birth Place and the various services and free classes offered by clicking here.

By Ashley Jensen, OB Coordinator

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