Making a Paws-itive Impact at WAH

Our Pet Therapy Program was created to help ease the stress, fear or anxiety some patients and visitors may feel when coming to the hospital.

Pet therapy visits are scheduled with a handler and his/her dog. They visit inpatients who have been screened by their nurse/physician and have consented to a visit. The dog and handler also visit patients and visitors in the waiting rooms. Windom Area Health employees also enjoy pet therapy visits.

The handler always asks if someone would like to pet the dog. The reaction to pet therapy has been very positive. Jill Liepold brings her Yellow Lab, Barley, for pet therapy. She had an employee say, “every time I see Barley at the hospital, it always brightens my day."

According to PAWS for People, a non-profit that provides pet therapy, Animal Assisted Therapy has many physical and mental health benefits, including lowered blood pressure, improved cardiovascular health, release or endorphins that provide a calming effect, decreased physical pain, lifted spirits, reduced boredom, and decreased feelings of isolation.

If you have a calm, friendly and obedient dog and are interested in pet therapy testing and guidelines click here or contact Kim Armstrong at 831-0615 or [email protected].


Gary (Owner) & Raven
Waffles and Melanie (Owner)
Jill (Owner) and Barley

Gary (Owner) & Raven

Waffles & Melanie (Owner)

Jill (Owner) & Barley

You left paw prints on all of our hearts.

You left paw prints on all of our hearts.

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