Outreach Services works with a number of specialty physicians that provide care to patients at Windom Area Health.

View the monthly schedule for when the visiting providers will be at the hospital for appointments.  This calendar is subject to change - if a provider is unable to visit on a scheduled day, all patients affected will be contacted.

Regular Schedules for Providers:

(Note: Dr. Allen does not have a regular schedule. Please refer to calendars above to see currently scheduled days or call to inquire.)
Dr. Goldberg - 1st, 2nd & 3rd Monday of the month
Darla Miles - 1st & 3rd Monday
Tim Klassen - Every Monday
Ostomy & OccMed - Every Monday
Dr. Botker - Every Tuesday (Surgery & Clinic-Primarily Clinic 2nd, 4th & 5th) (Primarily surgery 1st and 3rd)
Alison Huber or April Quigley - 1st and 3rd Tuesday
Dr. West – 2nd & 4th Tuesday (Surgery)
Dr. Skow - 1st & 3rd Tuesday
Ostomy - Every Tuesday
Dr. Reddy – Surgery & Clinic every Wednesday
Dr. Santos – 2nd Wednesday every month
Dr. West - 2nd and 4th Wednesday (Clinic)
Sanford Cardiovascular: Dr. Pham – 1st & 3rd Thursday / Dr. Jonsson – all other Thursdays
Dr. Yu – (Usually the 2nd Thursday every other month)
Dr. Skow - 1st & 3rd Thursday
Ostomy & OccMed - Every Thursday
Dr. Erbes – Every Friday
Dr. Nichols - 4th Friday every month
Liz Coleman – Every Friday

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